Frequently asked questions

  • What is the COSMO Project?

    The COSMO (Csound On Stage Musical Operator) project is an open source project providing the software and hardware instructions to build a DIY effect pedal based on the Raspberry PI computer and Csound.

  • How much does it cost?

    The basic cost is the hardware components you need to build the device. These are appoximately 1600 NOK (180 EUR). For a workshop, where we provide the infrastructure the costs are 2300 NOK (250 EUR) per participant.

    Approximate components cost:

    Component Price
    Raspberry Pi 400 NOK
    Audio Interface 350 NOK
    Enclosure 150 NOK
    Other components 250 NOK
    Shipping and customs 150 NOK
    Total component cost 1600 NOK
  • Do I have to know programming?

    No, to attend the workshop, you do not need to bring programming experience. All parts of the software required to rund the standard stomp box design will be provided with the SD-card image and ready-made effects and instruments (made by us and other Csound users) can be downloaded for free.

  • Do I have to know how to solder?

    Well, there is always a first time. We are happy to show you how to solder the pots, buttons and LED’s, but you might not be able to finish the build in two days without any prior knowledge

  • Do I have to use Csound?

    Well, the standard design is based on Csound instruments. But of course, you can run every audio application that is available on Linux. In the end all modifications are up to you!